To authenticate with the Otterize Cloud API, you may choose one of the following options:
  • Authenticate as an Otterize integration: using the OAuth (oauth2) client credentials authorization flow, input client ID and client secret for an Otterize integration. To create an integration, go to the integrations page on Otterize Cloud.
  • Authenticate as an Otterize user: use the API Key (access_token) authorization flow, by logging in to Otterize Cloud from your browser. Your access token is automatically stored to a browser cookie which will be used to authenticate with the API.
  • Select an Otterize organization: if your user belongs to multiple organizations, use the API Key (organization_id) authorization flow, by setting the X-Otterize-Organization header to your selected organization ID. To list your available organizations, query the /organizations endpoint, which does not require setting this header.